March 16, 2005

用Google Desktop Search建立公司文件搜尋

最近Google Desktop Search推出中文版beta,想到能否利用GDS搜尋放在自己架設主機上的資料,因為自己用NB空間太小,所以就想GDS是否能讓別台電腦也能搜尋到本機資料,在Donald's Blog看到介紹Google Desktop Proxy,其網頁也談到另一套叫DNKA - remote desktop search tool這能控制存取權。
O'Reilly Network: Google Your Desktop在下方的討論中談到Lan Search Tool和Google Desktop Search Plugin for FireFox;而Google Desktop Search Plugin for FireFox讓這樣的查詢更完善。
之後又找到一篇Hacking Google Desktop Search: Part I
說到只要下載TCP/IP port redirection utility就不需要裝上述的remote、proxy等等軟體,個人推薦這方法,方便又好用,自己寫個BAT檔放在啟動中,就可以開機執行,但是那網頁的command line有誤,必須修正成
datapipe 192.168.x.x 1180 4664
再整合上述的Google Desktop Search Plugin for FireFox,如果要使用Remote Google Desktop Search,必須改C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins\GoogleDesktopXXX.src中的
這樣之前所做的定時產生檔名索引就不需要了,透過Google Desktop Search更可以查詢到內容,這樣那些電子書就更容易尋找和索引了。如果需要支援chm的檔案格式,必須另外裝Larry's Help File Indexerplug-in。GDS還提供API讓人開發更多的plug-in。
關於要搜尋網芳上的網路磁碟或是Linux上的Samba,可以參考Google Desktop Search Tips的設定方法。這樣就可以串聯更多的資料了。
Before you begin, right click on the GDS icon in the tasktray and click Exit. Click OK when asked.
Let's say we have a drive mapped to H: and one mapped to M:

* Open up Notepad and make the following entry !C:!H:!M: (NOTE: Don't type , press you tab key)
* Highlight all that (don't forget that last tab) and copy it to the clipboard
* Open up regedit (Start - Run - Regedit)
* Navigate to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Desktop\HistoricalCapture\Crawler
* Double click on the CRAWL_DIRS entry and paste in the entries you made in Notepad. Note: The tabs will appear as little boxes.
* Click OK
* Do the same thing for CQF_FILE, but put in *[tab]|
* Next, double click on the CRAWL_FILE entry. Delete any entry that is in there. Most likely DONE if you have finished indexing. This last bit will cause your machine to index everything again including your mapped drives.
* Click OK
* As a shortcut to the above, you can see the optional method below.
* Start the GDS system again and allow your system to index all the files.

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1. datapipe 是不是會一直停在 dos 視窗下
2. 原先 port 4664 是否還會運作,我的 port 4664 還可運作

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